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Former Seminarians of the Order of Augustinian Recollects

Once a Recoleto
Always a Recoleto

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Inspirations, not standards

“Instead of wasting your life and energy, looking for holy people to inspire you, why don’t you be

When Silence Meets Silence

I personally felt like I was unfairly constrained to listen to an hour-long sermon on consecrated life, and

Through the Mercy of God

I had to ask myself in protest, “was not the Recollection movement born, exactly for that more austere,

To Wash and be Washed

“Imagine those young men flocking to Manila from different provinces of the North and South of the country—wounded,

Life After the Fall

"The mango tree resembles an epitaph of our remote past, a silent witness to our once simple and

Of Signs and Motives

As I walked back to our theologate, I knew right there and then, that God used Father Matt

Who we are

ForSOAR stands for Former Seminarians of the Order of Augustinian Recollects. Such is the working definition thus far since time immemorial. The group consists of mixed categories as professed, ordained, theologians and philosophers who now have different types of calling and missions. In a religious parlance, priesthood is irreplaceable–forever a commitment. “You are a priest forever in the line of Melchizedek.” However, it is also understood from the words of the Gospel that indeed “Many are called but few are chosen.” In a catechetical hermeneutics it is not a comparison between priesthood and married life. Simply put, both requires Christian witnessing. And St. Augustine’s frequently sought eternal emblem says “My heart is restless until it rests in thee.”

-Excerpt from Abe Latoza’s article posted in RECOLETOS.PH

Spiritual Landmarks

Check out Fr. Soy Hernando, MB, SThL, a true ForSOAR who will inspire you with his reflections. He’ll give your daily grind a boost and help you find your true purpose in life. Come join us on the journey towards enlightenment with Fr. Soy.
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Limang Dekada

Official Theme Song of the ForSOAR Grand Reunion 2015

Lyrics: Nero Bautista 
Music: Rex Sayson 
Performed by: Raymund Alcedo, OAR with Casiciaco Seminarians
Music and Video Production: Boyax Jaranilla, OAR

What we do

We encourage each other to relive the Augustinian Recollect spirit of fraternity and communion that we used to live during our seminary days. On a greater scale we strive to be relevant in the respective communities we belong as true disciples of Christ.