“We are a fraternal organization of former seminarians of the OAR supporting the continuing holistic formation of members through Augustinian Recollect values and mission-oriented programs,” the vision-mission of FORSOAR clearly articulates its direction as an organization.

While still trying to make a discerning journey on its participation within the transversal direction with the Augustinian Recollect family (in particular) and with the Church (in general), FORSOAR understands its distinctive character of ‘participating in communion’ with the Augustinian Recollect family in the world, by bringing the values of the AR charism in their families and in their workplaces—a real transformative mission for every member.

Each member of FORSOAR receives the mark of identity in the Recoletos family by participating in the life of Augustinian Recollect formation. Either briefly or the entirety of religious and priestly life, surely, it can be measured by the fruitfulness mirrored in the values imbibed and reflected in the life of a FORSOAR.

FORSOAR has its own communitarian identity among brothers “of one mind, one heart, and one soul intent upon God” (Rule of St. Augustine/Acts 4:32), it seeks unity as the mark of its identity. This identity then, seeks to unite different branches and groups, and like a net or network—with one identity as a community of former OAR seminarians and former vowed members of the Order. As an organization, it centers on common direction and purpose, as “Service To All, the Recollect way (STAR)”.

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